Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply for a state of Hawaii Physician Assistant license?

Hawaii has unique requirements regarding Physician Assistant licensing.. Click on the link below, where you will find all the information you need in order to apply for a Hawaii Physician Assistant license. Keep in mind that if you are planning to apply for a Hawaii Physician Assistant license - the process make take anywhere from weeks to months to complete, so plan ahead!
Where do I find state of Hawaii rules and regulations regarding Physician Assistant practice?

The following link will provide you with any information regarding Hawaii Physician Assistant practice rules and regulations.  Keep in mind that many of these regulations are evolving rapidly, while Hawaii's Physician Assistant workforce is expanding.  Watch for updates on the HAPA Hawaii website.
What is the required chart review process between Physician Assistants and their Supervising Physician in the state of Hawaii?

Currently, Hawaii state regulations require that the Supervising Physician needs to "Personally review the records of each patient seen by the Physician Assistant within seven working days." This is all it states and it certainly leaves room for much interpretation (it does not say the charts need to be signed.)  What it boils down to is that the each individual organization/Supervising Physician, along with their Physician Assistant(s) must create an organizational protocol and agree on the terms of a chart review process. Some organizations, through the use of electronic medical records simply have their Physician Assistant notes automatically routed to the specified Supervising Physician for review and electronic co-signature. Given that the co-signature is technically not required in the state of Hawaii, it serves more as proof of the chart review by the Supervising Physician. Whereas, other organizations may have the Supervising Physician review the Physician Assistant's chart within the required seven days, but withhold a signature.  

However, this rule may change. It has been proposed by the Hawaii Medical Board that a rules change may potentially do away with the chart review process for experienced Physician Assistants in lieu of a monthly 30 minute meeting with their Supervising Physician, or it will require a co-signature on a ceratin percentage (not all) of the charts within 30 days. HAPA is opposed to a co-signature requirement and has already submitted testimony opposing this change.HAPA opposes a tiered chart review process because there is no overseeing regulatory body to oversee the process and would create a significant administrative burden for employers. For more information, please reference Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 85 (Medical Examiners) Sub Chapter 6, in regards to Physician Assistants see section 16-85-49, reference item number (5). There is no proposed rules change on record and HAPA will revisit this issue with the Hawaii Medical Board in the future.
The AAPA recommends that chart review be determined at the practice level by the supervising physician based upon the level of training and experience of each PA that the physician supervises.
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