HAPA Meeting Minutes


Annual General HAPA Meeting Minutes October 29th, 2015

  1. Welcome and Salutations
  2. Megan O’Neill Diabetes program & dinner
  3. Memoir for PA Dino by Dave Messer
  4. Local PA job announcements
    1. Job openings at Kaiser, Straub, Tripler, Medical Corner and more.

Check HAPA website for further details.

  1. Goals for the coming year
    1. Legislative goals
      1. Monitoring of Proposed Bills

Vince Tenorio, Medical Examiners Board Rep, discusses the changes proposed to the Hawaii Medical Board:

  1. Two Tier proposal for medical record review
  • New PA graduate/new hire – 100% of medical charts reviewed and co-signed for 3 months to 1 year.
  • Experienced PAs – 10% of medical charts reviewed within 1 month or 30 minute documented meeting with supervising physician.

2. PA to MD ratio changed from 2:1 to 4:1

The above proposals were passed however the approval process is ongoing.  Vince, Fielding, and Dave will collaborate to help move the proposals forward.            

Chenoa Diem will also work on the medical board advisory committee with Vince.

  1. POLST Bill
    1. Currently PAs are unable to sign forms for POLST orders. Fielding submitted a bill that is also in process.
    2. Hospice Bill
      1. Support Requested
      2. Insurance does not currently reimburse for initial WC visits seen by a Physician Assistant. HMA has agreed to meet and re-evaluate for rule change.
      3. AAPA is changing its official wording from “supervising” to “collaborating” with the physician.
  2. Community goals
    1. Volunteering
      1. Christine Stark & Krystalee will help plan volunteering and community events for the year.
      2. Community education outreach
        1. What is a PA?
        2. Health Fairs
        3. Charity Walk/Run
  1. Social goals
    1. PA networking functions
      1. Rocco & Tyre volunteered to plan at least 1 social event a year.
  2. Educational goals
    1. Mentoring for students
      1. Rocco discusses Tripler’s commitment to helping PA students and asks for help to find more Doctors and PAs to help train PA students as there is a large pool of PA students searching for very limited rotations available in Hawaii.
      2. Looking for more preceptors, please make an effort to accept at least one student per year.
      3. Student Rotations
        1. Vince & Tyre volunteer to head clinical rotations for students
        2. Matt Kwok is also an assistant clinical coordinator for Samuel Merritt and is making an effort to help students find rotations.
      4. Sharing of Recertification / Certification materials
        1. Please help mentor upcoming students
  3. Membership goals
    1. How to get new members, get them involved, get old members back
    2. Alissa Hino volunteered to help with our membership numbers and involvement.
  4. Annual Aloha Conference
    1. Will look into financing and go forward with next year’s conference if fiscally possible.
    2. Volunteers Needed
      1. Bob Null & Christine Stark will chair Conference committee.
      2. Tyre, Jeffery, Elise, and Rocco volunteered to help find speakers.
      3. Help is requested from everyone to help find speakers.
  5. Social Media Management
    1. Web-Site
      1. FAQ’s section
      2. Suggestions
      3. Fielding Mercer to over-see website
      4. Facebook
        1. Please “like” us and make comments
        2. Krystalee and Christine to over-see facebook page
      5. Any other modalities / suggestions
  6. Next meeting date / time, goal of meeting, number of meetings for the upcoming year
    1. TBD
  1. Board Member Nominations / Discussion
    1. Collette Kuntz relinquishes her position as President Elect due to moving out of the state for personal reasons.
    2. Dave Messer is appointed and will assume the President position for the upcoming year
    3. Christine Stark appointed as the President elect
    4. Joel Hamaguchi appointed as the Treasurer
    5. Krystalee Krey appointed as the Secretary
    6. Fielding Mercer and Matt Kwok to be Board Directors at large
  2. Closing
    1. Meeting adjourned and end of minutes.


 Conducted by Dave Messer and Collette Kuntz

                -Welcome and Salutations                 -Introductions of new board members                 -President Statement by Dave Messer

Committees to form & Implement:

  1. Social Events Chairs – Jaclyn Ryan and Jim Kahler
    1. Need to spread the word as well as set up educational,       promotional, and service events.
      1. Ideally it would be helpful to have another chair for        Education and Service if anyone would like to volunteer.
    2. Social Gathering/Happy Hour once a month on different       areas of the island.
    3. Plan to make a survey to send out to the members.
    4. 1st Social Gathering will be Feb 20th.       Location TBD. Possibly will be connected to the ER conference held at the       Sheraton the same week.
    5. Please send Jim any ideas.
    6. Another idea discussed was to have an educational       booth at the med school.
  2. Conference
    1. Chairs-Tyre Conrey and Bob Null
    2. Need to form committee
    3. Need speakers and substitutes.
    4. Please think of 1 or 2 people to be speakers.
    5. Discussed getting in touch w/the AAPA for a speaker on       ICD-10 because it will also be starting in Oct.
    6. Conference is booked for the week of Oct. 26th, 2015.
  1. Membership
    1. Chair also needed
    2. Responsible to help by writing Welcome email to new       members and keeping track of membership fees.
  1. Social Media
    1. Facebook – Krystalee Krey and Rochelle
      1. Send invites and info about events to be posted on FB        to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or https://www.facebook.com/hawaiiacademyofphysicianassistants
      3. Monthly PA spotlighting and other promotional posts        to keep FB pate active.
    1. Twitter – Presence Needed
    2. Website – Scott Denny & Fielding Mercer 

PA Practice Issues 

  1. Schedule II Update – Fielding Mercer
    1. Authorization to sign for Schedule II medications
    2. The authorization for PAs to prescribe Schedule II       medications has been expedited due to the recent federal rules change.       Hydrocodone Combination Products became Schedule II Drugs as of midnight       10/6/2014. However the approval process is ongoing and the outlook for       this proposal to pass with the Hawaii Medical Board will be the Feb 2015       public hearing. See HAPA website for more information and updates.
  2. Polst – Collete Kuntz
    1. Currently PA’s are allowed to explain but are not allowed to sign.
    2. This needs to be changed and worked on with Josh
    3. We need to outreach to legislatures.  

Ideas & Goals

  1. Need to work on establishing a PA Board.
  2. Need to push for a PA school to gain a better presence in Hawaii
  3. Pass along PA education cards
  4. Dave Messer is now the PA rep for HPH
  5. Need more PA reps.
  6. Prepare for ICD 10 coming in October.
  Meeting adjourned and end of minutes.  01/14/2015



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